The Library Book - Created as the result of winning the 2015 Jameson First Shot competition.  ​While not technically an It's Cold Outside production, I did serve as writer/director. ​Watch it here:

Happy Happy Joy Joy A down on his luck, young father convinces a reluctant toy store owner to stay open late and sparks fly.
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The Black Dahlias  - The all female biker gang fights to retains their autonomy when encroached by a rival male gang, the White Widows.

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'95  - Amidst a chaotic scene of punk rock and partying, love blooms between a young couple looking for escape. 

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Past Projects

It's Cold Outside Films

Anybody's Game - A homeless man and his apparently well-to-do rival face off over a game of billiards, placing wagers of extraordinary weight. The insightful may very well pick up on the fact that this is none other than the prince of peace and Lucifer squaring off for the fate of humanity. 

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