St. Swithuns Day  - A struggling musician learns a dark family secret that sends him spinning out into a path of self-destruction. Will his  cadre of friends be enough to help him put the pieces back together again and prevent the cycle of tragedy from perpetuating. 


The Fitzgerald  - A middle aged musician finds his band, his long term-relationships, and even his talents crumbling around him.  He checks himself into a hotel to see if he can write his way out of another black hole.

Future Projects

Scotty's Unfortunate Past  - A recapitulation of how a young man standing on the precipice of his future found himself in a delicate situation... a decision that would change the course of his life forever. It was a time before real responsibility reared it's ugly head. It was a time when it seemed a whole world of possibilities was right outside your door, but what happens when your first step is a mis-step? Scarred for life? You may very well be scarred for life after seeing this film.

Location, location, location ... 

We are looking for a well used trailer home in which to film, most likely during the winter (crucial to the story line). If you or someone you know  in the Reno area has a trailer which you would be willing to lend for a couple days.. please get in touch.

It's Cold Outside Films