Stories of life, love, music, heartbreak and inspiration.


Amidst a chaotic scene of punk rock and partying, love blooms between a young couple looking for escape.​ 

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Anybody's Game

A homeless man and his apparently well-to-do rival face off over a game of billiards, placing wagers of extraordinary weight.

Official selection of the 2017 Reno Tahoe International Film Festival.

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The Black Dahlias  

An all female biker gang fights to retains their autonomy when encroached by a rival male gang, the White Widows. 

Official selection of the 2016 Los Angeles Cine Fest.

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Happy Happy Joy Joy  

A down on his luck, young father convinces a reluctant toy store owner to stay open late and sparks fly.

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The Library Book

Created as the result of winning the 2015 Jameson First Shot competition.  ​While not technically an It's Cold Outside production, I did serve as writer/director. ​

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Live Fast Live Forever

An aspiring musician seeks to renegotiate his deal with a shadowy figure. 

Official selection of the 2019 HollyWeird Film Festival. 

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I Won't Drown

A concerned sibling reaches out to her law enforcement officer brother who is struggling after his partner's suicide.

Official selection of the 2018 Silver State Film Festival

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